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Your compounding pharmacist at Axia Pharmaceuticals is Navid Vahedi, BSc, Pharm.D. Dr. Navid Vahedi holds the BSc in Neuroscience from the University of California at Los Angeles where he graduated in 2002. After some exploratory work in the field, he entered the formal study of Pharmacy at the University of Southern Nevada where he received his Pharm.D degree in 2006. Dr. Navid Vahedi then acted as a manager for Longs Drugs between 2006 and 2009. As a result of this experience, he has learned to identify some of the shortcomings in standard pharmaceutical practice. Navid Vahedi, of Axia Pharmaceuticals, was convinced by experience that the compounding pharmacist could offer superior service and specialized preparations. Therefore, he undertook post-graduate training in compounding and received his certification as a compounding pharmacist from the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) in May 2009. Thanks to this special training Dr. Navid Vahedi is now able to bring a special expertise to the all-important relationship of doctor, patient, and pharmacist. Dr. Vahedi’s extensive training in specialty compounding enables him to join forces with your physician to provide exactly the right pharmaceutical preparation to meet your specific needs.

Navid Vahedi, of Axia Pharmaceuticals, is a successful entrepreneur at the age of only 41 and has started and managed four companies in his lifetime. He is a very detail-oriented person and has a passion for the creative process in everything that he does. Driving and building custom cars is Navid Vahedi’s passion. Navid also enjoys investing in real estate, which is his newest business venture.

Most of all, Dr. Navid Vahedi, of Axia Pharmaceuticals, enjoys helping others get well. There is so much information that western medicine doesn't teach the general public and can be of great value, according to Dr. Vahedi. Dr. Vahedi has a firm belief that most diseases can be prevented with proper nutrition and diet.

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