Dr. Navid Vahedi Discusses How Exposome-Metabolome Interactions Cause Many Health Issues in Young Children

Navid Vahedi

May 15, 2021

Dr. Navid Vahedi Discusses How Exposome-Metabolome Interactions Cause Many Health Issues in Young Children

Dr. Navid Vahedi is a functional medicine expert who can provide a myriad of different care options that may help children and parents in many different ways. For example, he recently discussed the potential dangers of long-term early childhood exposures to various chemicals and contaminants. These problems are things that parents need to understand to give their children proper care.

Why Early Childhood Exposures Concern Dr. Navid Vahedi

Over the years, many children are exposed to heavy environmental chemicals, particularly very young in their life. Dr. Navid Vahedi finds this to be a significant problem in the world of functional medicine because these early exposures can create a myriad of different exposure risks and other dangers that may put a child at risk, a problem Dr. Vahedi believes it not appropriate.


How serious can this issue get, and why is Dr. Navid Vahedi doing what he can to help combat it? First of all, studies have found that various environmental dangers can be a heavy toxic burden on many cells of the body. This issue is one that Dr. Navid Vahedi knows many parents may not quite understand because it is one that was not common in their life when they were younger.


For example, early childhood exposure and persistent exposures throughout later periods of life may lead to serious genetic changes. Dr. Navid Vahedi has noted that mitochondrial DNA is heavily affected by these changes in a way that can be pretty destructive. Even worse, children may experience epigenetic risk factors that worsen these problems and create many common conditions.


How serious can this problem be, and why is Dr. Navid Vahedi so persistent in ensuring that it gets appropriately managed? Studies have found that early childhood exposure could cause a higher risk of problems like autism or ASD. Genetic damage is one of the most common factors contributing to this issue, something that Dr. Vahedi knows will concern many parents quite rightly.


However, Dr. Navid Vahedi also states that children can develop problems like chronic fatigue syndrome, various hand-eye coordination issues, and a myriad of cognitive problems that may impact how well they expand and change into an adult. Dr. Vahedi is particularly concerned about these long-term reactions and how they may affect a child’s development.


Fighting these issues requires working with a specialist who understands the different challenges caused by long-term exposure and how to manage them properly. Dr. Navid Vahedi has learned how to decrease these exposures using a variety of protective gear that helps young children stay happy and healthy and prevents the long-term dangers that exposure may cause to their health.