Dr. Navid Vahedi Fully Discusses Functional Therapeutic Use of Isothiocyanates for Mitigating Cytotoxicity

Navid Vahedi

April 2, 2021

Dr. Navid Vahedi Fully Discusses Functional Therapeutic Use of Isothiocyanates for Mitigating Cytotoxicity

Dr. Navid Vahedi has carefully studied various types of natural therapy over the years, including the use of various foods to help support the overall health of his many clients. And recently, he looked at isothiocyanates, unique chemicals in a variety of different foods that have been discovered to provide the kind of long-term health support that his clients need. Understanding these chemicals and where to get them is critical for those who want to stay healthy for the long term.


Dr. Navid Vahedi Looks at the Therapeutic Use of Isothiocyanates

The concept of using food to help support people’s health is nothing new, but Dr. Navid Vahedi has discovered some new and exciting findings in recent years. For example, he has examined a phytochemical of broccoli known as isothiocyanate sulforaphane. This chemical has always intrigued Dr. Navid Vahedi, and he recently discovered it provides many unique benefits for many people.


What exactly is a phytochemical, and where can it be found? These chemicals are things that Dr. Navid Vahedi and others have found in various types of foods and vegetables in particular. Isothiocyanate sulforaphane, in particular, is located in cruciferous vegetables, particularly broccoli, and is something that Dr. Navid Vahedi and his team have found can be helpful for many health issues.


For example, Dr. Navid has found that this chemical shows various anti-inflammatory benefits, a considerable advantage for those suffering from inflammation or other types of struggles. By managing inflammation at its source, he believes it is possible to naturally manage this concern and provide relief to those who need this kind of help the most in their life.


However, Dr. Navid Vahedi and his team have also found that these chemicals are also anti-oxidative, which isn’t discussed nearly enough in functional medicine. The oxidation of various parts of the body can cause severe long-term damage that broccoli and other vegetables may help combat, Dr. Vahedi finds, mainly when eaten naturally and healthily over a long period.


Just as importantly, Dr. Navid Vahedi and his team have found that these phytochemicals provide detoxification benefits. The body is often filled with various types of contaminants and unnatural chemicals that detoxification can help manage. Thankfully, high-quality phytochemicals help address this problem and provide long-term detoxification benefits for many individuals.


Therefore, Dr. Navid Vahedi and his team believe in the importance of using these chemicals, especially items like sulforaphane, moringa oleifera, and more, to help manage damage to human neuronal cells and to help with neurodegenerative diseases. Combating these problems at their source will create the kind of help necessary for those struggling in these complex ways.