Dr. Navid Vahedi: Functional Medicine in the Age of Covid-19

Navid Vahedi

August 19, 2020

Dr. Navid Vahedi is a functional medicine specialist with years of experience fighting many types of diseases. The current Covid-19 pandemic has him very worried, but he believes that functional medicine may help. By changing your diet and focusing on healthier foods, he believes that people can control their potential infection of this dangerous disease.

A Discussion of Functional Medicine By Dr. Navid Vahedi

Functional medicine is a treatment that can manage a myriad of different conditions, as discussed by Dr. Navid Vahedi. As a specialist in functional medicine, he has provided alternative treatment methods beyond traditional care to provide more specific and appropriate treatments for a person’s needs. The underlying principles of this approach, according to Dr. Navid Vahedi, is to get the body to work against disease on its own.

This method focuses on the ways that the body’s systems are connected. It also pays attention to the importance of food, which Dr. Navid Vahedi is an expert on in functional medicine. He believes that changing the diet can be an effective way of fighting against some symptoms of Covid-19, alongside traditional medical methods that have been shown to work.

These methods are things that Dr. Navid Vahedi has been doing for years to help with other health issues. And he has found that a large number of his clients not only appreciate these alternatives but embrace them quite easily. As a result, Dr. Navid Vahedi discussed these care options recently and helped pinpoint those that are most effective.

Dr. Navid Vahedi

Functional Medicine Options for Covid-19

The first step that Dr. Navid Vahedi finds essential to consider is social distancing. Everybody is well aware of this process by now, but it should be done as much as possible. Doing so helps to keep the body healthy and provides people with the chance to utilize a myriad of functional medicine techniques. Dr. Navid Vahedi states that this process should start with the food that you eat every day.

Start by cutting back on processed foods and avoiding unhealthy foods that may suppress your immune system. Dr. Navid Vahedi states that starchy foods – notably those high in sugar – will cause difficulties with your immune system and make it harder to operate. Cut back on your alcohol consumption, Dr. Navid Vahedi says, which can further deplete your immune system operation and make you more open to infection.

Instead, it would help if you were eating natural and unprocessed foods high in anti-viral properties. Dr. Navid Vahedi says you should eat foods such as spinach, dill, onion, oregano, broccoli, oranges, grapefruit, olives, green tea, ginger, turmeric, rosemary, healthy legumes and nuts, tofu, tempeh, and some beef and lamb. Dr. Navid Vahedi states that these foods intensify immune system operation and work well alongside standard Covid-19 care methods.