Dr. Navid Vahedi Offers His Top Beginner Tips for Restoring Classic Cars

Navid Vahedi

January 12, 2021

Classic car enthusiast Dr. Navid Vahedi recently offered his top beginner tips for restoring classic cars. 

Restoring classic cars is a hobby only suitable for the dedicated. Dr. Navid Vahedi is a classic car enthusiast who understands the blood, sweat, and tears that go into restoring any classic vehicle. He recently offered his top tips for beginners getting into the difficult but incredibly satisfying hobby of restoring classic vehicles. 

“It all starts with a dream vehicle,” Dr. Navid Vahedi. “Sometimes that dream vehicle in like-new condition is out of reach, so you need to create it for yourself.”

Dr. Navid Vahedi explained that the process of restoring a classic car begins with understanding the basics and knowing where to go when you need help and not being afraid to hand a few tasks over to the professionals. 

“I always suggest joining a community of like-minded people before you even get started,” Dr. Navid Vahedi said. “There are countless forums and groups online, including owner’s clubs, where you can find limitless knowledge from other restoration enthusiasts.”

Dr. Navid Vahedi (6)

Dr. Navid Vahedi added that all beginners must come ready to learn. Restoration isn’t a hobby for anyone who thinks they already know it all. This is because you’ll quickly learn that you need to develop skills in electronics, upholstery, bodywork, paint, welding, and so much more. Learning from those who have been restoring for years or even decades is one of the best things you can do to improve your experience. 

“So many parts of the restoration process begin before you even start working on the vehicle,” Dr. Navid Vahedi said. “A major step in the process is simply acquiring the tools you need and ensuring that they are high-quality tools.”

Dr. Navid Vahedi explained that this is a time when you should buy the best tools you can fit into your budget. Low-quality tools will only slow the restoration process and likely result in having to purchase replacement tools down the road. Dr. Navid Vahedi expressed the importance of purchasing a quality angle grinder, which is necessary when stripping rusty parts. Other suggested tools include a top-quality power drill and MIG welder.

“My final piece of advice for beginners is to relish in the small victories and steps along the way,” Dr. Navid Vahedi said. “Restoration is a long and grueling process, but even the tiniest advancements can be extremely rewarding.”

Seasoned restoration enthusiasts will always tell you to approach your restoration in a methodical manner. Laying out a sensible plan will ensure you don’t have to do the same job twice. Limiting frustrations and maximizing time will result in a more fulfilling and enjoyable restoration process.

“The most important part is to enjoy the experience and remember how proud you’ll be when the project is complete,” Dr. Navid Vahedi finished.