Dr. Navid Vahedi Shares New Ethical Real Estate Tricks That May Help You

Navid Vahedi

November 12, 2020

For example, he has become almost as well known for his real estate prowess as his medical expertise. And as he continues to expand in this field, he has created a series of ethical tips and tricks that you can use to sell your house more effectively and avoid excessive costs.

Dr. Navid Vahedi

Dr. Navid Vahedi Has Many Interesting Real Estate Tricks

Over the years, Dr. Navid Vahedi has become an expert in many surprising fields. And real estate is one that has helped to expand his financial portfolio and make his business more successful. However, knowing how to sell a property is a challenging step for many people and often involves some questionable tricks that some may believe cross ethical lines.

However, Dr. Navid Vahedi doesn’t do anything immoral or unethical. Instead, he focuses on finding ways to make a home stand out that are honest and proactive. For example, he strongly suggests getting an independent inspection on the house that you can use not only to verify the price that you want but to give this process more authority. Yes, it will cost more money initially but can add thousands of dollars to your selling price and get your house to sell faster.

And Dr. Navid Vahedi suggests not making the mistake of depersonalizing your house too much when putting it on the market. The concept of design neutrality is prevalent in many real estate markets – the whole house flipping field couldn’t exist without it. However, Dr. Navid Vahedi believes that too much neutralization can be destructive when selling a house.

Why? The saturation of white and neutral designs has become such a cliché that many home buyers are reacting adversely. In 2021 and beyond, Dr. Navid Vahedi believes that homes with a slightly more personal touch will sell better. He suggests adding some light changes, such as paintings, that make a home feel more lived-in and natural and not like a movie set.

This change may be small, but Dr. Navid Vahedi believes it is a crucial one to make. Buyers often want a home that feels like it has a history and is not just comfortable but unique. He does, however, strongly suggest that you declutter the house during this process. You don’t want customers tripping over anything or feeling like the house is a mess as they visit during an open house.

Lastly, Dr. Navid Vahedi suggests holding back-to-back open houses when possible. Though this may seem like it would confuse, he believes that it gives buyers the idea that your home is trendy – and potentially like to sell quickly. Even if you only have a handful of people interested, you can still arrange your visits in this way to create an exciting bidding war.