Dr. Navid Vahedi Talks About the Importance of Proper Nutrition During COVID-19

Navid Vahedi

August 11, 2020

Dr. Navid Vahedi discusses the ramifications of eating poorly as the COVID-19 virus takes hold worldwide.

Dr. Navid Vahedi is experienced in a wide range of fields — from real estate to neuroscience. This expertise gives him a unique perspective that is lacking among many other “experts” weighing in on the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are still confused about the best course of action to take. Ultimately, people just want to know how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Fortunately, Dr. Navid Vahedi has some sound advice for people worried about their health during the Coronavirus pandemic. Naturally, Dr. Navid Vahedi agrees with the CDC and other organizations that encourage social distancing and avoiding crowds as much as possible. However, Dr. Navid Vahedi offers some additional and unique advice about how and why you should maintain a healthy diet during this crisis.

Dr. Navid Vahedi

5 Tips from Dr. Navid Vahedi For Maintaining a Healthy Diet During COVID-19

To help keep you healthy through this crisis, Dr. Navid Vahedi had to this to say about diet and its connection to COVID-19:

  • “It’s been proven that COVID-19 is not just a respiratory disease. It has an effect on just about every part of your body. Even people who don’t have symptoms now may have complications later down the line. This means that maintaining good physical health is one of the best ways to combat the virus from within. Diet and exercise are the two main ways to keep your body strong.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “When I say the word ‘diet,’ people often think that I mean ‘eating less.’ Depending on your current diet, this could be a good idea for you. If you tend to overeat, then reducing your portions is the first step toward improving your diet. Portion-control is one of the hardest aspects of dieting for Americans, but it’s also one of the most important.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “It goes without saying that you should abide by the most common dieting tips: more fruits and vegetables. You should also try to reduce red meat and anything fried. Doing these things will help build the strength of just about every part of your body — from your immune system to your heart and cardiovascular system.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “Sugar is the number one killer right now. Sugar leads to diabetes and obesity. These, in turn, weaken the body and make it more susceptible to a myriad of illnesses. Reducing sugar as much as possible is vital. It’s nearly impossible to cut sugar out of your diet entirely (most fruits have a lot of sugar). However, you should avoid foods and drinks with processed sugar as much as you can.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “What do most people turn to when they’re sick or want to avoid getting sick? Vitamin C. While Vitamin C can only do so much on its own, getting enough vitamins and minerals will keep your immune system running as it should. This is the best way to fight off Coronavirus if you come into contact with the virus.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi