Navid Vahedi Discusses Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and the Future of Medicine

Navid Vahedi

September 3, 2020

Dr. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC discusses his approach to medical treatment and the future of medicine in the modern world.

Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC are well-known for their unconventional approach to medicine. Rather than adhering to all of the tenets of Western medicine, which often focus on minimizing symptoms, Dr. Vahedi believes in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine attempts to treat patients by finding the source of their pain or illness and developing a treatment plan to eliminate the issue. 

Dr. Vahedi also uses this mentality at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC, where he and a team of researchers are developing the next generation of medications, vaccines, and cures for various diseases.

How Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is Changing the Future of Medicine

Here’s what Dr. Navid Vahedi had to say about Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and its role in the future of medicine:

  • “The world of healthcare is changing rapidly, but many institutions are putting up unnecessary barriers for drug and disease researchers. At Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC, we believe in safe, effective drug research. However, we also believe in getting results. Sometimes this means going against the grain and trying new methods that other pharmaceuticals companies are too traditional to attempt.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “With respect to Functional Medicine, I genuinely believe that Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is leading the way in the United States and the world at large. We have the technology and expertise to develop medicine at the same level of any of the largest pharmaceutical companies, but we choose to focus on finding the source of disease and stamping it out. This is the mentality that we use every day to develop the medications and treatments of tomorrow.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “Naturally, COVID-19 is going to forever change the way we look at healthcare, especially preventative care. It shows that sticking to the status quo will not work going forward. We need to be prepared for the next COVID-19 and we can only be prepared if we are willing to try new forms of medical research and development.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is developing new medications at an unprecedented rate. We hope to have some life-saving drugs on the market within the year. If all goes as planned, other pharmaceutical companies will follow or model and develop drugs that treat the disease, not just the symptoms.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is not just a business. We focus on progress and patient care with everything we do. This is my passion. Helping others is not just a hobby; it is a public service and a necessity in the modern world. If we can help move Western healthcare toward Functional Medicine, we will end up improving the lives and well-being of millions.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi